THE inspiration

Bint Noir was born out of a desire to bring back the traditions and culture of Islaam to modest wear without compromising to the beat of every trend. To unapologetically re-define modesty in conformity with our spiritual values whilst embodying a vision of femininity, elegance and grace. Our designs are modern and contemporary, yet still reflect our rich Eastern influences. We pride ourselves in creating stylish, refined clothing of high quality for our customers.


THE vision

Bint Noir clothing is for every style-conscious woman who wants to look her very best without compromising on her ideals of modesty. Our vision is to empower women through their clothing choices so they can stand firmly with confidence and self-assuredness. We want to inspire other women to project an honest, balanced and positive image of themselves to the world.


THE name

The name ‘Bint Noir’ was chosen to embody the vision of a ‘Lady in Black’. It is a fusion of an Arabic and French word. ‘Bint’ is the Arabic word for girl/ woman and ‘Noir’ is the French word for black. The fusion of Arabic and French was intentionally chosen; the former because the language is intrinsically connected to the spiritual heritage of our faith and the latter because of our shared principles with Parisian style of simplicity, being effortlessly chic and demure. And if you’re wondering why we chose ‘Noir’…well…is there anything more sophisticated and classic than black?

Together, let’s re-define modesty…